An Extinct Society

Modern society full of new technology, surrounded with calling cities and inside the cities are literate homo sapiens sapiens blinded by modern life. Where are we heading to? We have abandoned our cultures and adopted the western culture.
Our men are supposed to be gentlemen and good businessmen. Today, it’s not a surprise to see a man with pierced ears wearing earrings. Worse enough, they adore very tight clothes as they competing their female counterparts. This is a worrying trend because even in professional the same vice is slowly taking up.

Girls dressing codes has nothing to do with our culture. They normally compete with socialites copying their social media life. I wonder why an interior village girl from central, nyanza, western, Rift valley and the rest regions would struggle to resemble Rihanna or Alba Vanderbilt of New York while she has nothing to show.

Our day to day life such as marriage, burial, initiation and naming ceremonies are of significance of their own and some of which when ignored will haunt us severally. Today, the new generation has taken what they see in social media either good or bad as far as it seems appealing to the majority. The religion has extremely been ridiculous and a few remain in culture demands. The society has reached a point where it’s normal to kill your own culture for the sake of popular culture.

People have been obsessed with the likes and comments in social media. They do things that they would never dare to do in real life just to impress others. They work tirelessly to buy fashionable outfits, eat expensive meals and visit desirable places just for show off. Since they cannot get the above love in real life, they fake in social media and the consequences of the waning of their popularity is getting physiological problems such as depression.

Where are the responsible parents we had in those olden days? Parents who were raising their children wisely in churches and always reminding them to work towards achieving their dreams. Children were introduced to story books in their young age and also been story – told by their grandparents in which the stories had moral lessons to raise them uprightly. Today, children are introduced to social media at birth, at middle age, they start cooping up with the celebrity life. Are these the same people we expect to be our future philosophers, doctors teachers, judges and other successful professors?

It’s sorrowful to see how our moral have been eroded by modernity. We need to stay focused in our cultures so that we should not be enslaved by the technology and forget our past or culture that gives us identity.